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RealCalc Scientific Calculator for Android

Free scientific calculator application

Get all the benefits of a scientific calculator, without having to buy one.

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  • Close to a standalone scientific calculator with additional features.
  • A Clean and organised interface.


  • Some overflow issues.
  • Doesn’t show actual calculations.

Get all the benefits of a scientific calculator, without having to buy one.

Fully comprehensive with all the features you expect

RealCalc includes all the customary unit conversions, algebraic or RPN functions, different display modes, percentages, and other usual operations. There's also a paid enhancement which will add features such as degrees/minutes/seconds, fractions, constants and customisable unit conversions. The added benefit of a calculator help section, provides details guidelines on the methods of using the ten different modes. The calculator also has a useful memory function, which stores your results.

A useful, money saving development

A handy tool, particularly for students and teachers, as it’s ideal for advanced scientific and mathematics courses. Standalone scientific calculators, add an additional cost to a student's financial outlay, and the upgraded version is also available for a fraction of the cost of a traditional unit. Convenient customisation features in the settings, make it more user friendly, assist with learning, and can make working out stuff, quicker and more efficient. Its clean and familiar design, make it instantly usable, and it also works as quick as a traditional scientific calculator. There’s also the option to personalise your application, with a choice of number styles and formats.

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RealCalc Scientific Calculator


RealCalc Scientific Calculator 2.3.1

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